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This page is not cluttered with historical or demographic data. That information is available elsewhere. The focus here is on the things which you might find important. Jim's family lived in Chestnut Hill for seven years prior to moving to West Roxbury; and so, he is very familiar with Chestnut Hill and all of its surrounding towns. Instructions for viewing Chestnut Hill real estate listings are found at the bottom of this article...


Chestnut Hill is regarded as a wealthy village, the patrician borough of stately homes and home of Boston College, located just six miles west of downtown Boston; but, unlike most villages, Chestnut Hill encompasses parts of three separate municipalities, each of which is in a different county: the town of Brookline in Norfolk County; the city of Boston (parts of its neighborhoods of Brighton and West Roxbury) in Suffolk County; and the city of Newton (all of its village of Chestnut Hill) in Middlesex County. Its borders are roughly defined by the 02467 zip code. Because of the significance of its landscape and architecture, parts of Chestnut Hill are designated as historic districts. You might enjoy fishing or hiking in its Hammond Pond Reservation, a protected woodland park. Its major retail centers - Chestnut Hill Mall, Atrium Mall, and the Chestnut Hill Shopping Center - are located along SR-9 between Hammond St and Langley Rd, in Newton. Jim is eagerly waiting to see what value the Chestnut Hill Square development will be bringing to Chestnut Hill residents.

Jim's favorite restaurants in Chestnut Hill are not surprisingly all located in the malls: Legal Seafood, The Cottage, Comella's, Cheesecake Factory, Le's Vietnamese, and Bertucci's. If you plan on trying the Metropolitan Bar, Jim suggests sticking to the Met's hamburger menu.

If you are a commuter, Chestnut Hill is served fairly well by public transit - by three branches of the Green Line as well as several bus lines. This is especially good within the boundaries of Brookline because that town has strict parking regulations. It even has an overnight on-street parking ban which is unusual for such a dense area. Please inform yourself of its parking restrictions.

Chestnut Hill is also known for its excellent schools - Brookline and Newton - which are supported in large part by property taxes. Fortunately, Brookline offers a bit of a tax break for owner occupants who apply for the residential exemption. Newton does not. If you have school age children, you will want to read what options are available to transport them to and from school; but first, you need to know which school district your property is located in! If you know which city or county your prospective home is in, that there will tell you which school district. If you do not know which city or county, you can email, call, or text Jim and he will let you know based upon the property address. Alternatively, you can search each of the city's databases by address and see which finds the winning address! Here are Brookline's, Boston's, and Newton's databases.Several private primary and secondary schools, including the Beaver Country Day School, Brimmer and May School, The Chestnut Hill School, and The Boston College Campus School (for special needs) are located in the village.

For local information, please bookmark the Chestnut Hill Neighborhood Association web site. For other news, links, town government information, property assessment and taxes, and additional information about the actual city your part of Chestnut Hill lies in, please visit Jim's Brookline, Newton, Brighton, or West Roxbury pages.

Sold Statistics for Chestnut Hill

Single Family:
2012 - 112 sales. List Price - $1,269,710 Sale Price - $1,194,421   Market Time - 112 days
2011 - 91 sales. List Price - $1,311,790 Sale Price - $1,242,750   Market Time - 135 days
2010 - 85 sales. List Price - $1,390,985 Sale Price - $1,302,475   Market Time - 115 days

Chestnut Hill has been making steady gains in single-family home sales for the past 3 years; but oddly, its average sale price has fallen for the past couple of years while other areas like Newtwon have been enjoying gains?? In fact, the average sale price plummeted 9% over the past two years.!

2012 - 135 sales. List Price - $535,630 Sale Price - $515,689   Market Time - 118 days
2011 - 106 sales. List Price - $492,101 Sale Price - $469,610   Market Time - 132 days
2010 - 118 sales. List Price - $499,699 Sale Price - $472,456  Market Time - 118 days

Condominium sales in Chestnut Hill have increased significantly over 2011 - by 25%! Unlike the single-family market, the value of Chestnut Hill condos have enjoyed a nice increase of 10%.

Multi-Family Listings:
2012 - 4 sales. List Price - $989,500 Sale Price - $937,375   Market Time - 59 days
2011 - 2 sales. List Price - $907,000 Sale Price - $858,750   Market Time - 58 days
2010 - 1 sales. List Price - $799,000 Sale Price - $780,000   Market Time - 5 days

Multi-family sales are scarce in Chestnut Hill and so bear no further comment.

To view all of the current MLS real estate listings in Chestnut Hill - 02467, you will need an ID which is " 2368931" and the password "Jim". You can login here anonymously anytime, daily or weekly, as often as you wish. If you should see any properties you would like to view in person, give Jim a call or send a text or email indicating which properties and a couple of time frames and Jim will try to schedule you appropriately - please keep in mind that some owners and/or agents require 24-48 hrs advance notice and additionally keeping within a 30-60 minute window if they also require an accompanied showing.

If you can afford to live in Chestnut Hill, you will find that its crime rate is very low compared to other Boston neighborhoods and neighboring towns!