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Dedham is the county seat for Norfolk County and enjoys a high percentage of commercial property which provides a tremendous commercial tax base, and which, thankfully, keeps the residential tax rate more affordable. Jim's family actively considered relocating to Dedham because of its terrific shopping at Legacy Place; but opted for a shorter commute time to Chestnut Hill and Boston's lower tax rate. Dedham is a diverse community consisting of pockets of million-dollar estates along with more affordable housing. For example, historic Dedham boasts a remarkably well preserved town center with many handsome, historic houses like the Endicott Estate. By and large, Dedham is a community of modest homes - many with less than 2,000 square feet of living area - and very affordable in comparison to Boston's western suburbs. As one of America's oldest towns, Dedham is rich in history and culture, not to mention being a family friendly community with a population around 25,000.

Jim Sells Dedham

Where is Dedham?

Dedham, being predominantly inside the 128 loop, enjoys a prime location offering easy, direct access to Boston and other points north, south, and west via SR-128/I-95 and I-93. In fact, commuting time to Boston is just 20 minutes via commuter rail or 30 minutes via I-93. Dedham abuts Boston's neighborhoods of West Roxbury to the north and Readville to the northeast, the towns of Westwood to the southwest and Canton to the southeast, Needham to the west, and Newton to the northwest.

Legacy Place

Legacy Place

Legacy Place is one of Dedham's focal points. Jim likes to say, "All (Dedham) roads lead to Legacy Place!" Perhaps this is why Jim and his wife find themselves in Dedham at least twice a week. Why? Because Legacy Place itself boasts a large complex that combines shopping with entertainment: Costco Warehouse and gas station; a Kings entertainment complex with bowling lanes; Showcase Cinema de Lux with 15 screens; JP Licks, Good Eats, Shake Shack, Legal Seafood, Whole Foods market; and on and on. However, the majority of big-box stores are located in the neighboring towns of Newton and Westwood.

Dedham, MA courthouse


A drive through historic Dedham reveals a charming area of rich and diverse architecture. Look at its monumental granite court house of Greek Revival design, a stunning Victorian prison, the limestone Neoclassical Registry of Deeds, a stately Romanesque Revival public library, and the beautiful Renaissance and Georgian Revival schools.And we mustn't forget the Fairbanks House is the oldest standing timber-frame house in America.

Typical Precinct One house

The Neighborhoods of Dedham

  • Oakdale, the geographical center of town, roughly confined by East Street to the west, Cedar Street to the south and east, and Whiting Ave to the north.
  • Riverdale, an island surrounded by the Charles River and Long Ditch.
  • Greenlodge, which runs along the axis of Greenlodge Street and the area between Greenlodge Street and East Street.
  • Readville Manor, comprising the neighborhood south of Sprague Street.
  • Ashcroft, which lies between Cedar Street to the north and Sprague Street to the south.
  • East Dedham, which falls between Mother Brook and the Boston line.
  • Precinct One, or Upper Dedham, in the northwest corner of the town, between High Street and Common Street and the Westwood and Needham lines. Precinct One is generally known as the most desirable one to live in.

Wilson Mountain Park

Outdoor Recreation

Dedham has several parks to enjoy whether you are into hiking or dog walking. Dedham is home to several state parks managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), as well as properties owned by the Dedham Land Trust, and NewBridge on the Charles, all of which are open to the public. These natural areas offer miles of hiking trails, bird watching, and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. In upper Dedham there is a network of marked trails that lead you from the Town’s Dolan Recreation Center on Common Street to Whitcomb Woods, where you can choose to either cross Common Street to DCR’s Wilson Mountain or continue on to NewBridge on the Charles trails. Although there is a dog park at the Dolan Recreation Centre on 269 Common St, our family's favorite place to run our dogs is at Wilson Mountain. After a hike up or around the "mountain" our dogs can cool off in the pond located behind Northeastern's Grass Hockey Field. In East Dedham there is a trail network that leads you from Mill Pond Park on Colburn Street along Mother Brook. And then there's Dedham Town Forest. It is situated between the northbound and southbound lanes of route 128 (I-95) and is accessed through a gate on 1A. You will need to park in the Holiday Inn or Dedham Savings parking lots or on Fay St. More info here.

Dedham Schools

Dedham Public & Private Schools

Access Dedham's official website to learn about its services and government. If you have school-age children, Dedham's school district consists of an Early Childhood Education Center (K - 2), four elementary (3 - 5) schools (Avery, Greenlodge, Oakdale, Riverdale), Dedham Middle School (6 - 8), and Dedham High School (9 - 12). Its transportation policies are outlined here.

In addition to Dedham's public schools are a variety of private schools: Noble and Greenough, co-ed boarding school (7 - 12); Dedham Country Day School (PK - 8) co-ed; Ursuline Academy (7 - 12) girls Catholic; The Rashi School (K - 8) co-ed Jewish; Saint Mary of the Assumption (K - 12) co-ed Catholic.

Old Town Dedham

General Information

It is always wise to check if there is reported criminal activity in the area in which you plan to live. To keep up with daily goings on, in general, you can check in online with the Dedham Patch, The Dedham Transcript, The Dedham Times, Topix, or, of course, the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald.

If you have a specific property in mind that you think you might like to buy, the Town of Dedham maintains a database for the City Assessor which you can access to see what value the City gives the property, what the annual taxes are, etc..

Dedham house

Current Dedham Listings

To view all current MLS real estate listings in Dedham, you will need an ID which is "2376657" and the password "1234". You can login here anonymously anytime - daily, weekly, as often as you wish. If you should see any properties you would like to view in person, give Jim a call or send a text or email indicating which properties and a couple of time frames and Jim will try to schedule you appropriately - please keep in mind that some owners and/or agents require 24-48 hrs advance notice and additionally keeping within a 30-60 minute window requiring an accompanied showing.

Sold Statistics for Dedham

Single Family:
2016 - 266 sales. List Price - $513,518 Sale Price - $508,354 Market Time - 30 days
2015 - 273 sales. List Price - $489,716 Sale Price - $437,552 Market Time - 37 days
2014 - 251 sales. List Price - $421,500 Sale Price - $464,012 Market Time - 33 days
2013 - 267 sales. List Price - $449,762 Sale Price - $437,552 Market Time - 43 days
2012 - 242 sales. List Price - $414,628 Sale Price - $396,825  Market Time - 89 days
2011 - 201 sales. List Price - $404,720 Sale Price - $387,747  Market Time - 107 days
2010 - 186 sales. List Price - $391,730 Sale Price - $376,838  Market Time - 109 days

2016 - 40 sales. List Price - $331,905 Sale Price - $329,318   Market Time - 38 days
2015 - 35 sales. List Price - $308,660 Sale Price - $306,221   Market Time - 31 days
2014 - 38 sales. List Price - $318,368 Sale Price - $307,032   Market Time - 65 days
2013 - 30 sales. List Price - $295,733 Sale Price - $288,587   Market Time - 73 days
2012 - 30 sales. List Price - $237,592 Sale Price - $220,582   Market Time - 170 days
2011 - 24 sales. List Price - $286,096 Sale Price - $273,679   Market Time - 75 days
2010 - 20 sales. List Price - $220,520 Sale Price - $213,045    Market Time - 127 days

Multi-Family Listings:
2016 - 23 sales. List Price - $523,996 Sale Price - $513,528   Market Time - 45 days
2015 - 19 sales. List Price - $459,574 Sale Price - $447,305   Market Time - 36 days
2014 - 14 sales. List Price - $421,500 Sale Price - $403,714   Market Time - 55 days
2013 - 23 sales. List Price - $376,870 Sale Price - $369,132   Market Time - 43 days
2012 - 16 sales. List Price - $361,531 Sale Price - $354,838   Market Time - 72 days
2011 - 11 sales. List Price - $309,455 Sale Price - $286,545   Market Time - 93 days
2010 - 12 sales. List Price - $343,602 Sale Price - $332,075   Market Time - 112 days