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This page is not cluttered with historical or demographic data. That information is available elsewhere. The focus here is on the things which you might find important. Instructions for viewing Waltham real estate listings are found at the bottom of this article...

Moody Street Falls

Welcome to Waltham, a city on the Charles River about 10 miles west of Boston, which CNNMoney rates 28th best place to live in the US even though it is not served well by public transit; however, there is express bus service and light rail from Waltham to Boston. The combination of its population density in central and south Waltham (downtown and along the Charles Riverwalk, which is often crowded on summer nights by people fishing, jogging, or walking off a meal at one of the many restaurants), along with its parks, stores, and trails make Waltham a wonderful place to live. The three major throughfares are Rt 128/I-95, SR 60, and US 20; however, if you live in the northern reaches near Lakeview, you can access SR-2/the Concord Turnpike, while the southern reaches near Angleside, The Island, etc., can access the Mass turnpike/I-90. Unfortunately, Waltham's neighborhoods are predominantly "car-dependent"; so, keep this in mind when trying to determine which neighborhood to live in if you do not have a car.

Waltham includes the zip codes 02451, 02452, and 02453, if you would like to google specific areas within Waltham. When speaking of the Greater Boston area, Waltham has the second largest office market behind Boston. Waltham's diverse housing includes dense multi-family housing in the southern section of the city and larger lots of single-family housing in the northern section. Some of the names of neighborhoods or villages you might hear (their general boundaries/locations and maps are available online) include:

(As time permits, additional information will be added to the list)

The official web site for the city of Waltham has helpful civic news and information. If you have a specific property in mind that you think you might like to buy, Waltham also maintains a database for the City Assessor which you can access to see what value the City gives the property and what the annual taxes are. Scott Shurr, a local citizen, maintains a community web site with links to helpful resources. Waltham has a lot of attractions for you to see while living here.

If you have school-age children, the Waltham Public School district will take good care of them. Once you determine which school your child(ren) will be attending, find Its transportation policies and bus route outlined here.

To keep up with daily goings on you can check in online with the Waltham Daily News Tribune, The Patch, or, of course, the Boston Globe, and the Boston Herald.

Sold Statistics for Waltham

Single Family:
2012 - 281 sales. Lislt Price - $423,902 Sale Price - $411,163   Market Time - 93 days
2011 - 248 sales. List Price - $404,120 Sale Price - $387,992   Market Time - 90 days
2010 - 265 sales. List Price - $419,633 Sale Price - $406,446   Market Time - 72 days

Waltham didn't much care for 2011 when it suffered a 6% decline in sales and values; but, thankfully, 2012 saw losses in values wiped out with a 13% increase in volume.

2012 - 244 sales. Lislt Price - $335,128 Sale Price - $325,631   Market Time - 86 days
2011 - 172 sales. List Price - $321,565 Sale Price - $310,977   Market Time - 104 days
2010 - 207 sales. List Price - $327,617 Sale Price - $318,322   Market Time - 87 days

Condominium sales and values fell off in 2011 but came roaring back in 2012. Although we are grateful for a modest average sale price increase of 4%.

Multi-Family Listings:
2012 - 50 sales. Lislt Price - $452,658 Sale Price - $443,921   Market Time - 101 days
2011 - 39 sales. List Price - $465,308 Sale Price - $441,808   Market Time - 83 days
2010 - 41 sales. List Price - $458,660 Sale Price - $429,702   Market Time - 90 days

Multi-family sales in Waltham have made consistent, albeit modest, gains each year in volume and average sale price.

The graphic, historical view of home sales shown below is not really accurate as it goes only through the 3Qtr of 2012; but it gives you a general picture of how things have been selling over the past 5 years.

To view all the current MLS listings in Waltham, you will need an ID which is "2365311" and the password "Jim". You can login here anonymously anytime, daily or weekly, as often as you wish. If you should see any properties you would like to view in person, give Jim a call or send a text or email indicating which properties and a couple of time frames and Jim will try to schedule you appropriately - please keep in mind that some owners and/or agents require 24-48 hrs advance notice and additionally keeping within a 30-60 minute window if they also require an accompanied showing.