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This page is not cluttered with historical or demographic data. That information is available elsewhere. The focus here is on the things which you might find important. Instructions for viewing Wayland real estate listings are found at the bottom of this article...

Lake Cochituate

Welcome to Wayland, a peaceful community located in the MetroWest region between Boston and Worcester, a semi-rural town that takes great pride in preserving its open/green spaces - especially the forests, marshes and fields that surround the Sudbury River - through careful planning and zoning. Jim can testify to what you can read on the town of Wayland's official web site: "It is a caring community of residents from a variety of religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, bound together by a tradition of philanthropy and volunteer spirit. Citizens offer their time and talent to a variety of charitable causes and cultural organizations that make Wayland a wonderful place in which to live." In fact, Wayland ranked #2 out of 147 MA towns and cities in Boston Magazines, April edition, Best Places to Live/Best Bang for the Buck, comparing cost of living to quality of life.

The meadows and marshes along the ten-mile course of the Sudbury River have been kept relatively unspoiled and are now the object of private and public efforts to maintain them in their natural state. They are still full of wildlife and are beautiful to see. They provide an open, rural setting and contribute to the attractive features and uniqueness of this almost purely residential town.

Wayland is also a fun place to live! As you drive along SR 30/Commonwealth Road you will pass through Cochituate State Park, in which you will find a lake with a beach and lake recreation activities. This general vicinity is known as Cochituate. Dudley Pond is also located here. They are used by the public year round - in the summer for boating, fishing and swimming, and in the winter for ice skating, pond hockey, and ice fishing. Other amenities include golf courses, playing fields, cross-country ski trails, and the National Wildlife Refuge along the Sudbury River. If you want to avoid the crowds and clamor of the state park beach area, you can enjoy the wonderful town beach, also on Lake Cochituate, that offers swimming and a boat launch to its residents and guests. It is located at 25 Parkland Drive. The community is also fortunate to have other recreational areas such as Mill Pond for fishing, pine-forested picnic areas, and many conservation areas for hiking and horse riding trails. In addition, the town promotes outdoors athletic activities and provides well equipped basketball courts, tennis courts, ice-skating areas, a swimming pool, and several playgrounds.

Although local retail is found in small shopping centers, anything you might desire can be found a few minutes away in neighboring Wayland. Unfortunately, Wayland is not served by public transit; however, there is great access by road, whether you are puttering along quaint, winding, "country" roads graced by beautiful houses and landscaped gardens or commuting hurriedly on the Mass Pike/I-90, US 20, or SR 30, which take you into neighboring towns which do have commuter rail service should you prefer to park and ride.

There are two major neighborhoods within Wayland: Tower Hill and Cochituate. Tower Hill's median real estate price is $753,515, which is more expensive than 97.0% of the neighborhoods in Massachusetts and 97.3% of the neighborhoods in the U.S. Tower Hill housing is primarily made up of single-family homes and a few townhomes, most being owner occupied. Many of the properties in the Tower Hill neighborhood are were built between 1940 and 1969. Demand for real estate in Wayland is above average for the U.S., and properties should hold their values.

If you have a specific property in mind that you think you might like to buy, there is an online database which you can access to see what value the town gives the property. The Assessor's office provides a great map of Wayland along with plat maps which will show you what is located near or around your future home. There is little industrial or commercial tax base in Wayland, placing the tax burden on homeowners. A table with the current and past tax rates is available online. Properties are serviced by private sewerage systems, and almost all have town water. Check out this nifty map of Wayland by PeopleGIS.

Wayland is home to a growing population of urban professionals. If you have school-age children, the Wayland Public Schools is where you will want them enrolled. They will take good care of them with its strong, college, preparatory program. Its transportation policies and bus routes are outlined here.

To keep up with daily goings on you can check in online with the Wayland Town Crier, Wayland e News, The Patch, or, of course, the Boston Globe, and the Boston Herald.

Sold Statistics for Wayland

Single Family:
2012 - 183 sales. List Price - $679,702 Sale Price - $642,319   Market Time - 139 days
2011 - 123 sales. List Price - $646,261 Sale Price - $616,096   Market Time - 143 days
2010 - 50 sales. List Price - $653,918 Sale Price - $617,529   Market Time - 153 days

Wayland sales soared in 2011 with values dropping a smidgen. Fortunately, sales continued to soar into 2012 and this time, values also rose - 4%.

2012 - 51 sales. List Price - $523,610 Sale Price - $507,387   Market Time - 128 days
2011 - 41 sales. List Price - $598,688 Sale Price - $592,486   Market Time - 151 days
2010 - 13 sales. List Price - $327,617 Sale Price - $338,411   Market Time - 165 days

Condominium sales in Wayland also continued to increase in 2012. Unfortunately, the average sale price plummeted almost 15% in value.

Multi-Family Listings:
2012 - 1 sales. List Price -$590,000 Sale Price - $562,500   Market Time - 101 days
2011 - 0 sales. List Price - $0 Sale Price - $0   Market Time - 0 days
2010 - 1 sales. List Price - $379,000 Sale Price - $365,000   Market Time - 644 days

Not surprisingly, there might be or not be multi-family sales in Wayland.

The graphic, historical view of home sales shown below is not really accurate as it goes only through the 3Qtr of 2012; but it gives you a general picture of how things have been selling over the past 5 years.

To view all the current MLS listings in Wayland, you will need an ID which is "2367173" and the password "Jim". You can login here anonymously anytime, daily or weekly, as often as you wish. If you should see any properties you would like to view in person, give Jim a call or send a text or email indicating which properties and a couple of time frames and Jim will try to schedule you appropriately - please keep in mind that some owners and/or agents require 24-48 hrs advance notice and additionally keeping within a 30-60 minute window if they also require an accompanied showing.