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This page is not cluttered with historical or demographic data. That information is available elsewhere. The focus here is on the things which you should find important. Instructions for viewing West Roxbury real estate listings are found at the bottom of this article...

Old Ironsides

Jim currently lives in West Roxbury! Its tree-lined streets and mostly single family homes give it a suburban feel in an urban setting. Jim encourages you to consider West Roxbury home, too!

West Roxbury has robust housing sales this Spring - a virtual "hot bed" for real estate sales, comparatively speaking, with about 1/3 of its 200+ listings already under contract. This is not surprising when you can find properties of one kind or another offered in the $100's up to the $700's.

Public transportation is readily available for commuters via the Needham commuter line with three stations in West Roxbury (Bellevue, Highland, and West Roxbury). Several bus lines run through and/or terminate in West Roxbury.

Corrib Pub Annual 5K Race

Boston is a city of neighborhoods by means of annexation. Access the City of Boston's official website, including the neighborhood of West Roxbury. If you have school-age children, West Roxbury lies in the Boston Public School district. Its transportation policies are outlined here. West Roxbury is also home to the Roxbury Latin School, a private school for boys. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston operates the Holy Name Parish School as well as the St. Theresa of Avila School in West Roxbury.

With a comparatively low incidence of street crime, West Roxbury exudes the warmth of a small-town community. Read updates, bulletins, and other information disseminated by the Boston Police Department in West Roxbury's District E-5.

To keep up with daily goings on you can check in online with the Dahubbub, West Roxbury Transcript, The Patch, Boston City Paper, or, of course, the Boston Globe, and the Boston Herald. You can also subscribe to read the West Roxbury - Roslindale Bulletin.

If you have a specific property in mind that you think you might like to buy, The City of Boston maintains a database for the City Assessor which you can access to see what value the City gives the property and what the annual taxes are. Boston does offer a residential tax break for primary residences for which you might need to apply after your purchase.

Sold Statistics for West Roxbury

Single Family:
2012 - 237 sales. List Price - $429,442 Sale Price - $417,474   Market Time - 83 days
2011 - 183 sales. List Price - $434,841 Sale Price - $422,640   Market Time - 80 days
2010 - 196 sales. List Price - $450,447 Sale Price - $436,050   Market Time - 81 days

Although West Roxbury sales were off the chart in 2012, the average sale price values have been slipping for the past 2 years, down a total of 4%.

2012 - 118 sales. List Price - $281,487 Sale Price - $273,942   Market Time - 91 days
2011 - 62 sales. List Price - $260,988 Sale Price - $250,238   Market Time - 94 days
2010 - 68 sales. List Price - $259,322 Sale Price - $249,924   Market Time - 118 days

Unlike the dismal performance of single-family homes in West Roxbury, its condominium sales skyrocketed in 2012 with a significant 9% increase in its average sale price value.

Multi-Family Listings:
2012 - 22 sales. List Price - $434,940 Sale Price - $436,142   Market Time - 68 days
2011 - 19 sales. List Price - $451,426 Sale Price - $430,805   Market Time - 83 days
2010 - 20 sales. List Price - $485,415 Sale Price - $462,750   Market Time - 92 days

Multi-family sales in West Roxbury stayed the course as years past. Although the average sale price toppled in 2011 from 2010, 2012 saw a modest gain - but, unfortunately not enough to recapture the 7% loss in 2011.

To view all current MLS real estate listings in West Roxbury, you will need an ID which is "2433893" and the password "Jim". You can login here anonymously anytime, daily or weekly, as often as you wish. If you should see any properties you would like to view in person, give Jim a call or send a text or email indicating which properties and a couple of time frames and Jim will try to schedule you appropriately - please keep in mind that some owners and/or agents require 24-48 hrs advance notice and additionally keeping within a 30-60 minute window if they also require an accompanied showing.

Drop by and check out Millennium Park, a 100 acres of trails, ball fields, and picnic areas; and then call Jim to find your new West Roxbury home.