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Welcome to Weston

Weston has a decidedly peaceful and rural community atmosphere. It has beautiful areas of open space and conservation land and a quaint village of small shops along Boston Post Road. When you are searching for a home in Weston, define your search criteria more specifically than you might in more urban towns. For example, not all areas are served by town water. There are homeowners who not only depend upon well water for irrigating their yards but also rely upon it for all household uses. Weston does not provide sewer or trash pick up service either. All properties in Weston are on septic. You have two options for trash and recycling: a) get a permit from town hall to drop off your own refuse/recycling at the transfer station or b) contract for private pickup. Some areas in Weston have natural gas for heating; but, a good portion of Weston still relies upon oil, propane, or electric. Weston has many conservation areas for its residents to enjoy. It also has restrictions in place to help maintain its scenic rural ambience. Are you thinking about buying on any of Weston's designated scenic roads? These roads are lined with stone walls, natural vegetation, and mature trees that provide a buffer between streets and houses and are all protected by town regulations.

Jim Sells Weston - Walgreens

Weston Town Center - Boston Post Road

Jim Sells Weston - Weston Center

Weston Town Center - Boston Post Road

Jim Sells Weston - Weston Fire Department

Fire Hall - Boston Post Road

Jim Sells Weston - Brothers Marketplace

Brothers Marketplace & Bruegger's

Jim Sells Weston - Dairy Joy

Dairy Joy

Jim Sells Weston - Boston Post Road

Weston Town Center - Boston Post Road

Jim Sells Weston - Weston Town Hall

Brief Synopsis

Early on, substantial country estates, many of them architect designed, were built in Weston by wealthy Bostonians wanting to escape city life. This established a prosperous residential character for the town which has endured to current times - a quiet bedroom community in a semi-rural setting with little industrial or commercial base. Weston's official web site provides links to important information, including the current year tax rate and a PDF file which you can access to see what value the city Assessor gives the property you are interested in buying. Alternatively, you can glean a lot of wonderful information from this interactive map of Weston. To keep up with daily goings on, you can check in online with the Weston Town Crier, The Patch, or, of course, the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald.

Jim Sells Weston

Where is Weston?

This attractive, suburban town is located on the perimeter of metropolitan Boston bordering I-95 / Hwy 128 on its eastern line. Depending upon your exact location in Weston, you are about 12 miles west of Boston via the Mass Turnpike. The town, stretching overt 17 square miles of real estate, is nestled on a rugged, upland plateau consisting of ledge (rock) in many places - which poses a challenge for builders and the installation of septic systems. Weston boasts excellent mobility whether by car, rail, or bus. SR-128/I-95 and I-495 divide the region into inner and outer zones, which are connected by numerous "spokes" - SR-30, Sr-117, US-20, and I-90 - providing direct access to the airport, downtown Boston, and surrounding areas. If you are more interested in commuting via public transit, there is commuter rail service to Boston's North Station from Hastings (travel time 30-31 minutes; sorry, no MBTA parking) and Kendal Green (travel time 28-29 minutes with 100 parking spaces). In far northwest Weston you can also park and ride the rail from Lincoln. Alternatively, the MBTA provides commuter bus service to Boston.

Jim Sells Weston - 423 Concord Road

Housing in Weston

Residents are very proud of the town's handsome homes in quiet, well-kept neighborhoods, but tend to brush off the town's reputation as one of the most affluent communities - if not the most affluent - in the Commonwealth. Today, it has become a charming bedroom community of Boston with most of its housing inventory being single family homes and a handful of condos. Values range from around $400,000 and well up into the millions. The odd multi-family runs around $800,000. Properties are serviced by private sewerage systems. Because of the affluent nature of its populace, not many can afford to pay rent to live here except in the lower-priced areas.

Jim Sells Weston - Country Elementary School

School System

Naturally, Weston has excellent schools. The district consists of two primary grade schools for grades 1-3 which are located only a few hundred yards from each other. This photo is of Country Elementary. The roads into and away from the schools were designed one-way so the flow all goes in one direction for easy pickup and dropoff. By accessing the Weston public school district website, you can see what the current bus routes are and all other transportation policies. There are also private schools in town.

Jim Sells Weston - Woodland Elementary School

Woodward Elementary

Children are not assigned to these schools based upon where they live but rather so to keep everything balanced - the number of boys and girls in each class and the total number of students in each classrom to a certain ratio. Since 1999, Weston Windows, an integrated pre-school, with classrooms at Woodland and Country Schools, has fulfilled the Town’s mandate to educate children with special needs from the age of three.

Jim Sells Weston - Field Elementary School

Field Elementary

The upper elementary school, Field, houses grades 4 and 5. It is also located on the same street (School Street) and directly across from Country Elementary. It is also adjacent to the Weston public library and community center. There is one middle school and one high school which are both located on the south side of Weston. Since 1969 Weston has participated in the Metco program, a voluntary busing program that brings minority students from Boston to suburban schools. Weston is also a part of the Minuteman High School district, a four-year vocational high school located in Lexington.

Jim Sells Weston - First Parish Church

Churches and Synagogues

The imposing, stone First Parish Church is located at the intersection of Boston Post Road and Church Street in Weston Center. A sampling of other churches located in Weston includes:

There are no synagogues located within the limits of Weston; however, there are four nearby:

Jim Sells Weston - Memorial Swimming Pool

Weston Recreation

Although some folks like to have their own inground swimming pool, you are welcome to take advantage of the wonderful community pool without having to worry about maintaining it. It is located directly between the two primary schools on School St. Come, check it out!

Jim Sells Weston - Weston Community Center

Community Center

All kinds of recreation and community programs are offered at the community center located at 20 Alphabet Lane. The Council on Aging also shares this space. Conservation land with 60 miles of trails, tennis courts, ball fields, and other parks are available as well.

Jim Sells Weston - Weston Public Library

Weston Public Library

The Weston Public Library is located conveniently within walking distance of all three elementary schools and across from the community center.

Jim Sells Weston - Landsake's Pick your own farm

Land's Sake Farm

Land's Sake Farm has many hands-on, fun programs; stop by the farm stand to pick up the season’s freshest produce; or meet your friends at the farm or in the woods for social gatherings. There are individual and family memberships available. However you like to participate, you’ll be a part of a dynamic nonprofit organization that engages people to preserve and maintain open space. Land's Sake supports environmental education programs, food donation programs, and land management.

Jim Sells Weston

Sold Statistics for Weston

Single Family:
2016 - 139 sales. Sale price - $1,895,571 Market Time - 107 days
2015 - 144 sales. Sale price - $1,878,410 Market Time - 142 days
2014 - 146 sales. Sale Price - $1,761,220 Market Time - 100 days
2013 - 166 sales. Sale Price - $1,506,203 Market Time - 135 days
2012 - 141 sales. Sale Price - $1,537,136 Market Time - 176 days
2011 - 107 sales. Sale Price - $1,513,791 Market Time - 145 days
2010 - 50 sales. Sale Price - $1,314,860 Market Time - 153 days

2015 - 19 sales. Sale price - $2,137,141 Market Time - 211 days
2015 - 16 sales. Sale price - $1,197,281 Market Time - 202 days
2014 - 14 sales. Sale Price - $1,162,379 Market Time - 297 days
2013 - 20 sales. Sale Price - $1,485,863 Market Time - 253 days
2012 - 17 sales. Sale Price - $644,622 Market Time - 167 days
2011 - 15 sales. Sale Price - $1,082,081 Market Time - 215 days
2010 - 9 sales. Sale Price - $1,257,509 Market Time - 178 days

Weston enjoyed a tremendous increase in sales - over 100% - and in values - 14% in 2011 compared to 2010. In 2012, sales continued to soar - 33% although values did not share the same increase. The number of sales in 2013 continued robustly although the average sales price dipped slightly. Interestingly enough, 2014 saw a decrease in the number of single-family home sales and condo sales; but happily, the average sale price of single-family homes jumped up precipitously while the average number of days on market fell to just 100.

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