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Garbage In Garbage Out

Some Helpful Links

If you want to know what is generally available in the Boston area with regard to sports, school districts, radio stations, communities, etc., check out the links below, well remembering this:

Please be aware that statistics websites are 100% dependant upon the "garbage in - garbage out" principal regarding stats and data. Depending on the zip code, your local police department, for example, may or may not pay to subscribe to the service that maintains and updates this information, therefore, the info available may be 100% misleading. The very best way, in this instance, to understand crime statistics is to contact the local police department. This also applies to schools and how they are rated. Remember, reality should not and cannot be based upon how things are perceived - statistics may not lie - but they are only as good as the input source they came from and how they are framed! On the other hand, it is perfectly all right for you to perceive and believe that Jim is the best real estate agent to work with!

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

To find information on specific cities/townships in Massachusetts, click here - Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Scroll down until you see "Choose a Community" on the left.

Department of Education

Listed below are several links to aid in your search for the right school district for your children.

Massachusetts Department of Education
Compare MA schools
Compare/Find MA schools
National Center for Education Statistics

Transportation in Boston

Boston is a city in which you can live without owning a car thanks to its great public transportation system called the "T". Zip cars are also available if you live a pedestrian lifestyle but occasionally need to travel outside of the metro Boston area.

The T
Zip Cars

Crime and Neighborhood Stats

If you want the latest stats on crime, contact the local police department! But, if you'd rather just see what's out on the internet, you can Google all kinds of sites - some requiring you to sign up. Here are several links for you that do not require you to register:

Community Information Report
Crime Reports, Sex Offender Locations

Get the demographics on any zip