Congratulations are in order if you have made it to this stage! Following are tips Jim hopes you find helpful to get yourself moved:

First, you should schedule your move as soon as you feel comfortable with the closing date. There is no penatly to change your mind; and, you do not want to get caught without a mover! Remember, movers book quickly and especially around the end of the month or around college registrations and graduations! In addition, some moving companies may want to view your current home and your new home prior to giving a firm price quote.

Depending upon the locale of each property - especially if either or both are located in the city limits of Boston - and especially if there is no off-street parking for the moving van, you might want to contact the city and look into applying for a parking permit during the hours of your move. If you are hiring a moving company, it should be able to obtain the parking permit for you. It is a nominal fee and must be obtained in advance. City web sites also enable you to review information re street cleaning, trash removal, recycling, animal control, etc. If your mover does not pull permits, Jim suggests you try The Permit Puller to avoid waiting in line at the Boston city hall!

N.B. You should also check with your Condominium Association (if applicable) to schedule reserving the elevator!

When possible, you do want to avoid making deposit payments, especially non-refundable ones until the date is more certain. Unforeseen title issues, repair issues, delays with getting a mortgage approved, accidents, or sickness, etc, are some of the culprits that can cause the closing date to change. In an effort to avoid unnecessary stress and frustration, please talk to your legal counsel prior to scheduling the moving company to verify the anticpated closing time. Attorney's with heavy court case schedules might push for earlier or later closing dates.

Usually, the seller (or renter) along with his belongings must vacate and have "broom cleaned" the property prior to the scheduled closing date and time because the property must be vacant for the "final walk through". Jim will schedule this final walk-thru to verify the property's condition and occupancy status prior to closing. Why the rush? Unless there is an agreement to the contrary, ownership and possession occurs immediately upon the recording of the deed and/or transfer of funds from the attorney to the seller; therefore, the seller is trespassing if still on the premises after closing.

Sellers normally leave all their keys and garage door openers on the kitchen counter. Jim will accompany you to the property after closing or will deliver all of the keys to you at the closing.

A few helpful contact numbers:

Post Office Mover's Guide

Click Here To Change Your Address On-line

Transfer Utilities and Newspapers on-line

National Grid Gas
(800) 532-9600
(800) 592-2000
Verizon Residential
(800) 870-9999
AT&T Residential
(888) 757-6500
Comcast Cable
(888) 633-4266
RCN Cable
(800) 746-4726
Dish Network Satellite TV
(888) 825-2557
Direct TV
(800) 777-2454>
Boston Globe Newspaper
(800) 662-6631
Boston Herald Newspaper
(800) 882-1211
Wall Street Journal
(800) 568-7625
New York Times