Click on "Sign Up Now" on the sidebar menu. Doing so will enable the system to email you your updates as they happen. Set your search up once and then all you need to do is login and view your new matches anytime day or night.

You will notice abbreviations to the left of your matches: "ACT", "NEW", "RAC", "PCG", and "BOM" are the ones which are currently available to view/buy. If a listing has the abbreviation "UAG" or "CTG", it is already spoken for.

Whenever you view a property, map it for an aerial view of its location, and then, rate it, favorite it, delete it, or request a showing for it. If you need further info, use the submit feedback. If you request a showing, I will schedule a mutually convenient time for everyone to view it! You might want to bookmark or favorite this page for future logins! You can check the walk-score rating of the homes you do like!

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