The Selling Process

If you are still in the process of considering whether to sell or not, to lease or not, whether you have enough equity or need to pursue a short sale, turn to Jim for an honest evaluation of your property's value. Ask Jim for a Maximum Value Audit (MVA- average agents only provide CMA's).

So, you have decided and are ready to sell. But to where are you moving? Naturally, if your move is local - in Massachusetts - Jim would like to help you find you your next home. If this is the case, please browse on over to my links for Buyers. But, if you have already determined that you are relocating to a location out of state and know little about the area and need someone to work with, let Jim assist you in locating a reputable and competent realtor from his extensive list of client-satisfied-driven realtors.

The selling process has many stages from start to finish. Here are some things to consider: