Sellers are people. Agents are people. People naturally want to work with people they connect with. Unfortunately, salespeople have learned to fake it (that they know what they are doing) until they make it (the sale). This leaves sellers in a position of believing that they are committing to an experienced, professional marketer and negotiator when they are really only getting someone with a nice smile and demeanor and some sales under his/her belt. Please understand this one point - just because an agent does a lot of business does not mean that his/her client got the best deal. We naturally want to brag about the hundreds of sales we have made to impress potential clients, but what is more important to a seller is whether the agent is a professional marketer - to get people to view your property - as well as a savvy negotiator to get you the most for your property.

Here is a chart showing the more important aspects of marketing which should be your number 1 focus. This way you will get the most for your property and a good friend when all is said and done!