Thinking About Making A Move??

Need to Sell First?

If you do, do you know what your property is worth? Jim's aim is to make the entire selling process as transparent and stress free as possible by educating his clients about each step from beginning to end. Jim's 30+ years' experience provides his clients with market knowledge, experience, and marketing strategy to help you sell quickly and for top dollar.

Establishing a Listing Price:

When you decide to list your property with Jim, the first step is to determine a fair-market listing price. This is usually done by comparing your property to like properties that have sold recently, ideally within the past 6 months, and is just one part of what is called performing a "Comparative Market Analysis" (CMA). This cannot be done well until Jim actually tours your property to familiarize himself with its pros and cons. Typically, the biggest factors affecting price include: square footage, room sizes, location, bedroom count, bathroom count, kind and availability of parking, lot site and size, and overall condition - selling "as is" or "updated". There are always going to be additional factors like "appeal" and "feel" that Jim must take into consideration when pricing your home - and this is where Jim's experience is most important to you. From the information gathered after touring your property, a value range can be arrived at to determine what your property should be able to appraise for when it sells. However, this is all looking backwards, into the past.

In a falling or rising market, it is crucial to evaluate properties that are currently “Under Agreement” or “Active”. This forward thinking tells us what the market is doing currently and by studying these comparable properties, ensures that you are priced accordingly and competitively. Taking all of the above factors into account, Jim then is able to provide you with an MVA - a Maximum Value Audit of your property.

What determines a final sale price is motivation. Whoever is more motivated in a transaction usually gives the most. Supply and demand is the catch phrase here, and therefore, plays an important factor when pricing. Jim will assist you with all current, competitive property listings to assist in ascertaining a listing price.

Since the final negotiations usually come down to an emotional decision, no one can guarantee a certain price for your home in spite of the powerful marketing and networking systems put in place to sell your property.

Let Jim help you determine the value of your property. Thanks to his network of Certified Residential Specialists, It does not matter where your property is located! Simply provide some basic information below and you will be emailed comparables to provide you an approximation of value unless you wish to schedule an in-property visit for a more accurate, complete valuation:

Is your current home not located in Jim's area of specialization? Do you need information on housing in areas outside of Jim's specialization? Let Jim put you together with a Certified Residential Specialist or the next best qualified!

Then Buying Elsewhere?

Jim will be happy to put you in touch with a competent, experienced REALTOR® if your current home or future home is not located in Jim's area of specialization? Let Jim put you together with a Certified Residential Specialist or the next best qualified!